Website Identifying Camping Sites

I found this website Free campsites to be extremely helpful as I travel. Just put in your location, whether by zip code or city-State, and it will show all the camping options. It will identify those where you can camp for free or others that require a fee. When you select one of the campsites, … Continue reading Website Identifying Camping Sites


Website for finding potable water.

Yes, this website Sanidumps looks like it would only identify places to dump your RV. Since I do not have grey or black water tanks in my camper, I do not need to find those sites. But I do want to find the places where I can fill my camper with fresh potable water - … Continue reading Website for finding potable water.

Chadron State Park Bioblitz

Since I was camping at Chadron State Park, I found out about the Bioblitz . It took place Friday and Saturday, Sept. 29-30, 2017. I participated in this activity and found it educational and thoroughly enjoyable. By running programs for a continuous 24-hour period, bioblitz participants hope to get an accurate snapshot of the wildlife … Continue reading Chadron State Park Bioblitz