Christmas 2018 – Bigfork, MT

The mountains of Glacier National Park, the ski runs of Whitefish, the Oregon Ducks decorated plane and Whitefish Lake – all as I flew out of Kalispell yesterday

Checking out tracks in the snow. Ignoring dog and deer tracks. Raccoon tracks and possibly domestic cat tracks.

A picture of Flathead Lake the other evening as we ate dinner at the Flathead Lake Brewery Co (my favorite place to eat here – always good food).

The winter sky was interesting – it looked like it was undulating near the Swan Mtn range. The tree stumps with roots looked like little huts along the shoreline of Flathead Lake. More of the shoreline water was freezing with the cold temps, but I did not go too far out since I was not really familiar with this lake. I saw a couple of black capped chickadees so I called over a few more with my Merlin bird app. I saw an eagle in a tree along the shoreline but did not get a picture of it. I was able to photograph a couple of deer as they headed to the lake.

Hiking the Wild Mile, Bigfork MT. Sunny, but cold at 15 degrees. Beautiful day … Actually a four mile hike round trip.

Frozen marina on Flathead Lake MT. Also, bridge from marina to golf course.

Walking along Flathead Lake, Bigfork, MT. Saw an eagle, two osprey, two Canada geese and a guy hunting had just shot two mallards. They were lowering the level of the lake in preparation for spring snow melt. That is the Swan Mtn range to the east. Also, an Osprey nest in the woods.

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