March 21st -Percha Dam State Park (Arrey, New Mexico)

As I headed to Arizona, I stopped back at Percha Dam State Park to check on the owls.

The mother Great Horned owl was sitting on her nest yet. I am sure the eggs have hatched, but the young would be too small to see. She looked like she hadn’t moved from her position at all since the 3 weeks since I had been here last.

I did not find the other two Great Horned owls. But I was so fortunate to find a pair of Black Hawks. When they fly they look huge and have a wide white stripe underneath their tail feathers. Here they are at a distance across the Rio Grande river.

I originally saw them in a tree close to me, before they flew across the river. They were very talkative with each other. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them in flight – just beautiful and so black with that broad white stripe.

Then I came across a Spotted Towhee.

And a male Pyrrhuloxia which is a beautiful bird.

This fat little fellow was in a branch on my way back.

And then I got pictures of a beautiful red tailed hawk.

The turkey vultures were now here in great numbers.

This Ruby crowned kinglet was by the river

And I was so fortunate to capture this vermillion flycatcher by my camper.

And this guy landed and took off before I could identify it.

The water for the Rio Grande had been released at Elephant Butte so now the Rio Grande had plenty of water flowing.

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