March 8 – 20th Bottomless Lakes State Park (Roswell, New Mexico)

I have stayed longer than intended at Bottomless Lakes State Park due to a broken part on the drive shaft of my pickup. Aliens must have had a hand in this also because the tow truck broke down on their way to transport me to the automotive shop. LOL

I have enjoyed hiking along all the small lakes. They are actually not bottomless, but the water for these lakes comes from the Sacramento and Capitan mountains, which are like 80 Miles to the west. The water flows underground with high pressure, emerging only a few times in its travels in the forms of springs. The limestone rock underneath is highly porous which allows for the flow of water so many miles.

I am staying at the Lea Lake campground, which has been a highly sought after place for swimming activities through the decades. The Visitors Center has pictures dating back to the 1940s and 1950s with all the people swimming. Even today it is very popular. The camp host said there are 400-500 cars, with cars lined up along the road, that come to this spot in the summer. The water was too chilly for swimming at this time, but I did roll up my pants and enjoyed wading in the refreshing water.

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