Feb. 17 – Bosque del Apache ( near San Antonio, New Mexico)

Bosque del Apache is a wonderful wildlife refuge, mainly for waterfowl, but there are many other wildlife including cougar, bobcat, deer, and other birds besides the waterfowl. We did see an immature eagle swoop down on a large flock of snow geese, who rose in a huge white cloud into the sky. I learned eagles will do this over and over again, until any that are too weak and frail cannot take off in flight again, making for easy prey for the eagle. I took a 3 hr van ride with a couple of volunteers who were knowledgeable birders. It was interesting and educational, and FREE. They could also drive in areas of the refuge which were off limits to visitors doing the self guided auto tours ($5).

Here are some of my pictures. We saw so much more than what I was able to capture in photos.

Rough legged hawk

Gadwall duck

Coot and a Bufflehead

Two mature eagles


American goldfinches

Red tailed hawk

Painted turtle

Male and female shovelers

Great blue heron

Some bucks that weren’t too scared

Rio Grande turkeys

A grebe

Sandhill cranes

3 thoughts on “Feb. 17 – Bosque del Apache ( near San Antonio, New Mexico)

    1. Some robins will stick around even through winter – especially if it is mild. Others fly south – it looks like to Texas and Florida. Some North Dakota robins will winter in Nebraska thinking it is a heat wave for them. Hahahaha


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