Jan. 12 – 21st City of Rocks (between Silver City and Deming, NM)

City of Rocks. is just like its name – pretty bare except for the interesting rock formations and its history. There are trails around and through the Rocks for hiking, biking and climbing. It is close to Silver City and Deming, and the Gila National Wilderness and other state parks and wildlife viewing areas.

My camper parked snuggly amongst the rocks. It can be extremely windy here, as I experienced the first night. Also, there are multiple highway signs warning of extreme wind conditions and dust storms.

View of the rocks.

Beautiful sunsets.

Climbed up Table Top and the views.

I went to explore Lake Roberts up in the Gila National Wilderness. On the way, a group of peccaries crossed right in front of me on the road. I stopped to watch them and try to get a picture of them. The largest one, who was probably the male, turned to stare at me – challenging me not to follow them. And then I saw the babies …. oh so cute! You won’t be able to see the babies in this picture, but you can see a couple of the adults.

Pictures when I was at Lake Roberts:

Always some coots ….

Interesting scat ….

Ice patterns.

A great blue heron in flight

This area of water looked green.

A New Mexico red-backed junco

More interesting scat

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