Jan. 8 – 11th Cosmic Campground (Alma, New Mexico)

Cosmic Campground is an International Dark Sky Sanctuary meaning it has exceptional starry nights. That is because there is little light pollution. I have not really pursued Astronomy as an interest, but I certainly will have to do some night gazing. I am going to download some apps to my phone to help me identify stars, planets, constellations, etc. Should be fun.

I went for a hike this morning on the trails. I climbed this tall hill, which took some effort, but not as much as Mt. Kick-a-my-ass in western Washington State near Umtanum Recreation Area. While in college, a few of us hiked up this hill/mountain to see the sunrise. Of course, once you get to the top and enjoy the beautiful views, you realize there are always other hills/mountains that are taller than the one you are on. And you ponder, should I climb that other one … ????

Looking up the hill. Doesn’t look like much because the camera flattened out the vertical ascent. It was pretty rocky and I am sure at most other times of the year, I would have been dodging rattlesnakes as I climbed.

View from the top looking southwest. Rain today?

Another view to the northwest.

Many coyote tracks on my walk. I heard many coyotes howling last night.

Coyote scat.

Lots of peccary tracks. Did not see any actual peccaries. Saw two large jackrabbits. They are two – three times larger than a cotton tail. I saw their tracks too but none clear enough to photograph.

I walked over to what looked like a crater. There were so many volcanic rock on the hill I climbed. I wonder if they came from a blast that might have produced this crater?

I loved the way these clouds swirled over the mountains.

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