Nov. 3 Gila Hot Springs (near Silver City, New Mexico)

On Friday, Nov. 3rd I stayed at the Gila Hot Springs Campground. This is DEFINITELY worth the drive which is 38 miles north of Silver City, NM. Only 38 miles but it will take you over an hour to drive the winding roads. This is right by the Gila Cliff Dwellings which is great to see. The hot springs has 3 bathing pools and an outlet with a dragon for extremely hot water – available to campers for washing dishes. There are only around 15 campsites (non RV) so make reservations. It is a quiet campsite – not a partying one. ++++ clothing is optional 😉 😉 😮 Soothing for a traveler … or anyone else. Love love the Gila National forest!

View on the drive to the hot springs

An old little building across the stream from the campsite

Bathing pools giving off steam in the chilly morning.

Deer that said goodbye to me as I was leaving the Gila National forest. What big ears you have … the better to hear you with, my dear!

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