Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 Clear Lake State Park (Kelseyville, California)

Love the oak forests and views taking Hwy 20 from I-5 to Clear Lake State Park . Hope to stay here for a couple of days before heading back to Vegas. Checking out the birds and other wildlife Look how clear the lake is by the reflections. Also, an egret at the lake by my campsite. The foliage is beautiful.


Raccoons, otters, a mink, great egrets, cormorants, coots, a couple of black crowned night herons, great blue herons and much more ….

Raccoon butts …

A friendly otter in the lagoon.

Later one of the otters was out in the lake.

He came out of the water close to me. All of them were friendly and pretty much unafraid. Looks fat. Residents of Kelseyville said there are a lot of fish in this lake.

And then he walked off up the beach.

A couple of otters in the lagoon.

A black crowned night heron in the tree.

A black crowned night heron by the shore.

An immature black crowned night heron

A couple of Great Blue Herons in trees.



Canada Goose.

Brown creeper ???

Mule deer around camp area.

Wild mink in lagoon. This one and the otters were pretty unafraid since the lagoon off the lake was by the camping area. So cool to see them.

Great Egret taking off in flight

Great Egret in flight.

Great Egret and it’s reflection.

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