Nov. 1-2 Big Bend National Park (Texas)

I stayed at Big Bend National Park. Just a word to the wise, I almost ran out of gas getting there. In that part of Texas, there are long stretches of road without gas stations. Also, once you get in a park as big as Big Bend, you can go many miles within the park, even though they do have a couple of gas stations in the park. My camper was parked under some big cottonwood trees for shade in the 90+ degree heat. These trees happened to be home to some local Great Horned Owls.  Their hooting at night was soothing to me. At the campground one morning I saw a bobcat heading towards the river passing close behind the restrooms. Talking to the camp hostess, I found they are not shy there and are seen regularly in the campground. Also, herds of javelinas will walk boldly through the campgrounds. German exchange students at their campsite were singing beautiful songs – though I couldn’t understand a word. At a wash close to the campgrounds, I found many different tracks – lots of bobcat, javelina, raccoon, Mexican cattle (yes, they are there according to the campground hostess so they must swim the Rio). At the store, a number of people reported seeing Mexican black bear which have started to move north into the area. Other birdwatchers in the campground reported seeing the Vermillion flycatcher. I just made friends with more roadrunners. And of course, the now very familiar Rio Grande river. The beautiful mountains on the other side of the river are the Mexican Sierra del Carmens.

Raccoon track

Vermillion Flycatcher (stock photo) – spotted by other birders, but I did not catch a glimpse of one.

There were a number of friendly Roadrunners around the campgrounds .

A white winged dove by my camper.


Remember in that Indiana Jones movie where the large ball was rolling after him in a tunnel and he got to the end of the tunnel and had to jump out of the opening. I think it was filmed right here. LOL


Bobcat tracks

Looks like the rear track of a raccoon that slid in the mud.


So many tracks. A popular spot.


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