Oct. 30-31 Falcon Lake State Park (near Roma, Texas)

I started moving further south in search of birding areas. I stayed a couple of nights at Falcon State Park. Basically, I used it as my home base for birding in the area – like around the Rio Grande near Roma and on down to Laguna Atascosa. I was disappointed on the day I went down – it was raining lightly. The alligator pond was all dried up (obviously Hurricane Harvey hadn’t reached this far). Where were all the alligators? In the laguna/lake? I certainly kept an eye out for them hoping one would not emerge from all the brush and shrubs. Oh …. here comes something out of the brush right towards me! Whew! It was only a Texas tortoise! It was hard to identify the waterfowl. The water level of the laguna was low and there was quite a span of mud between myself and the birds. Disappointing. There were some snipe or sandpiper looking birds poking their beaks in the mud. Green jays were spotted around the visitor center. Also there were many roadrunners coming out of the brush to the road. But my most pleasant surprise were the crested caracaras. I had been seeing these, along with turkey vultures, on my drive down. They are really cool, very large birds. As I was leaving Laguna Atascosa, somewhat disappointed, there along a blocked off stretch of road was an Aplomado Falcon ruffling and drying his feathers and a whole line of about 10 caracaras roosting in low trees with their wings spread out like clothes on a line to dry. Their wing spread is massive. This made my day. Below are some stock photos since my camera’s battery was not charged.

Green jay

Aplomado falcon

Crested caracara with wings spread

Texas tortoise

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