Sept. 19-20 Lake McConaughy (Ogallala, Nebraska)

Lake McConaughy was the starting point of my journey. Since it was September, there were not many other visitors. I basically had the campsite area to myself. I can imagine in the summer, this lake would be teeming with visitors enjoying camping on the beach, swimming and all the birds. There were a lot of pelicans at this time of the year. One night it was extremely windy. I could see where the blown sandy on the beach is a constantly changing environment.

Lake McConaughy’s beach, tracks and more ….

This sand deposit looks like a turtle.

Beautifully colored tumbleweed.

Identify these tracks …

Look at the tracks this sand spider is making … on each side grouped 3 in the front and 1 in the back.

Campsite at Lake McConaughy (this was before my pop-up camper was delivered ).

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