Spring 2017 Baby Birds (Monroe, Washington)

My roommate, Phoenix, happened to find this Rufous hummingbird nest. He saw the female fly to the tree and discovered the nest. The nest is so well camouflaged, he was very fortunate to discover it. I kept track of the babies until they matured and flew from the nest.

Look closely at the left side of the Western Hemlock tree. Can you spot the tiny nest?

Mother rufous hummingbird sitting on the nest.

Two small eggs in the nest. I didn’t want to tilt the nest too much.

Newly hatched hummingbirds.

The babies are growing …

Close to flying the nest.

Also, there was a robin’s nest outside of my room.

Newly hatched robins.

Baby robins are growing.

One robin was bigger and more aggressive than his two siblings. A friend nicknamed him Big Mouth Ralph.

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